WORDS on the Edge: Broadside Portfolio

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EXTRACTION: Art on the Edge of the Abyss

A CODEX Foundation special project: WORDS on the Edge

The CODEX Foundation is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of WORDS on the Edge, a limited edition portfolio of poetry and lyric prose in broadside format, edited by Peter Rutledge Koch with contributing editors Edwin Dobb, Jane Hirshfield, and Jan Zwicky.

The portfolio, consisting of twenty-six poems and lyrical texts addressing themes of nature and its irresponsible destruction, is a part of an international artist's intervention—EXTRACTION: Art on the Edge of the Abyss. Twenty-six notable poets, artists, and writers have been paired with an equal number of highly regarded letterpress printers from four countries; each has been invited to produce an editioned broadside/print especially for this portfolio. WORDS on the Edge will be sold to raise funds for the greater EXTRACTION project, which is sponsored by the CODEX Foundation as our commitment to art and the environment.

See www.extractionart.org for a full description of this exciting global art-intervention. 

Click here to read a PDF about WORDS on the Edge




Margaret Atwood, “Time capsule found on the dead planet”

Peter Koch, Printer • Berkeley, California


Rick Bass, “The Wild Marsh”

Greenboathouse Press, Jason Dewinetz, Printer • Vernon British Columbia


Wendell Berry, “Questionnaire”

Larkspur Press, Grey Zeitz, Printer • Monterey, Kentucky


Robert Bringhurst, “All Over the World” 

Richard Seibert, Printer • Berkeley, California


Annemarie Ní Churreáin, “The Turf-Cutter Speaks”

The Salvage Press, Jamie Murphy, Printer • Dublin Ireland


Peter Coyote, “Mining Words”

Turkey Press, Harry & Sandra Liddell Reese, Printers • Isla Vista, California


Natalie Diaz, “How the Milky Way Was Made”

Foolscap Press, Peggy Gotthold & Lawrence Van Velzer, Printers • Santa Cruz, California 


Edwin Dobb, “Corrosion”

Mixolydian Editions, Richard Wagener, Printer • Petaluma, California


David James Duncan, “One River”

Deep Wood Press, Chad Pastotnik, Printer • Mancelona, Michigan


Forrest Gander, “A Clearing”

Taller Martin Pescador, Juan Pascoe, Printer • Tacambaro, Mexico


Eliza Griswold, “The Blind”

Russell Maret, Printer • New York, New York


Joy Harjo, “A Map to the Next World”

Classic Letterpress, Norman Clayton, Printer • Ojai, California


Robert Hass, “September, Inverness”

Patrick Reagh, Printer • Sebastapol, California


Brenda Hillman, “Triple Moments of Light & Industry”

Barbarian Press, Crispin & Jan Elsted, Printers • Mission, British Columbia


Jane Hirshfield, “Ledger”

Peter Koch, Printer • Berkeley, California


Linda Hogan, “Trail of Tears: Our Removal”

Moving Parts Press, Felicia Rice, Printer • Santa Cruz, California


Marie Howe, “Singularity”

Nomad Letterpress, Pat Randle, Printer • Whittington Court, England


William Kittredge, “The specific danger is us….”

The Press at Colorado College, Aaron Cohick, Printer • Colorado Springs, Colorado


Ed Lahey, “The Blind Horses”

The Territorial Press, Aaron Parrett, Printer • Helena, Montana 


Barry Lopez,  “In Antarctica….”

INK-A! Press, Inge Bruggeman, Printer • Reno, Nevada


Emily McGiffin, “Cerro Rico”

Walking Bird Press, Tara Bryan, Printer • Newfoundland


Kay Ryan, “The Niagara River”

Jungle Garden Press, Marie Dern, Printer • Fairfax, California


Gary Snyder, “Dillingham, Alaska, the Willow Tree Bar”

Artichoke Press, Jonathan Clark, Printer • Mountain View, California 


Arthur Sze, “Black Center”

The Press at the Palace of Governors, Thomas Leech, Printer • Santa Fe, New Mexico


Gaylord Schanilec, “In Vento”

Midnight Paper Sales, Gaylord Schanilec, Printer • St. Paul, Minnesota


Kazuaki Tanahashi, “Extraction” 

A calligraphic rendering of the Japanese character for "Extraction"


Jan Zwicky, “Seeing”

Ninja Press, Carolee Campbell, Printer • Sherman Oaks, California