2011 Symposium

The third biennial CODEX Symposium was held at the Berkeley Art Museum.


Introductory Remarks

Susan Filter, The CODEX Foundation. (MP3)

Peter Koch, The CODEX Foundation. (MP3)

Keynote Speakers:

Paul van Capelleveen - Curator Modern Collections, Museum Meermanno
Lecture: Changing Books: Friends and Enemies of the Contemporary Dutch Fine Book

Richard Ovenden - Keeper of Special Collections and Associate Director, Bodleian Library, Oxford.
Lecture: Book Arts in the 21st Century Research Library (MP3)

Juan Nicanor Pascoe - Printer
Lecture: Fine Printing in Mexico: Taller Martin Pescador, Michoacán (MP3)

Martha Hellion - Artist & Independent Curator
Lecture: Perspectives: The Artist Book in Latin and South America (MP3)

Presentations by Artists & Presses:

Peter Koch introduction for Jan & Crispin Elsted (MP3)
Crispin Elsted, The Barbarian Press, Mission, British Columbia (MP3)
Jan Elsted, The Barbarian Press, Mission, British Columbia (MP3)

Marina & Mikhail Karasik, M.K. Publishers, St Petersburg, Russia (MP3)

Barbara & Markus Fahrner, Fahrner & Fahrner, Vancouver / Frankfurt / Maine (MP3)

Peter Koch with Debra Magpie Earling Peter Koch Printers, Berkeley, CA
Peter Koch Introduction (MP3) Debra Magpie Earling Reading from The Lost Journal of Sacajewea (MP3) Peter Koch discussing the project (MP3)

Didier Mutel, Atelier Didier Mutel, Paris, France (MP3)

Caroline Saltzwedel, Hirundo Press, Hamburg, Germany (MP3)