Book Art Object

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Book Art Object is a record of the proceedings and exhibitors attending the first biennial CODEX International Book Fair and Symposium titled “The Fate of the Art.” The events were held on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley in February of 2007 and showcased contemporary fine press artist books and fine art editions produced by many of the world's most esteemed printers, book artists, and artisans. Work was represented at the fair that originated from and/or illustrated every continent including Antarctica.

Book Art Object is case-bound, twelve by nine inches (portrait), contains 432 pages and approximately 735 color images and presents the work of the artists, designers and printers who came to California from all parts of the world for CODEX 2007. The section illustrating the work of the exhibitors occupies 200 pages.

There is a preface by Peter Rutledge Koch, Printer and Director of the CODEX Foundation and a substantial introduction written by David Jury, Head of Graphic Media at the Colchester Institute, School of Art and Design UK, outlining the historical relationship between art, design, and the book. A section contains the illustrated transcripts of each of the four speakers:

“The hybrid lexicon: an overview of contemporary artists publishing in the UK” by Sarah Bodman, Research Fellow, Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE, Bristol School of Art, Media and Design.

“Spiritual geometry : the book as a work of art” by Robert Bringhurst, Poet, Philosopher, and Typographer.

“Cutting and pasting, metaphor of life” by Felipe Ehrenberg, Artist / Neologist, Diplomat, and former Publisher of the Beau Geste Press, London.

“Recto verso : aspects of contemporary German book art” by Dr. Stefan Soltek, Director of the Klingspor Museum, Offenbach, Germany.

The book also includes five brief essays written by prominent printers, artists, and designers from around the world: Crispen Elsted, Canada; Markus Fahrner, Germany; Martha Hellion, Mexico; Jadwiga Jarvis, Australia; and Gerald Lange, United States of America.

There is an index of contact information and historical details for every 2007 CODEX book fair exhibitor, including descriptions of their working methods and current work.