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CODEXNordica is an exhibition concept initiated by Imi Maufe, after her attendance at CODEX book fair and seminar, USA 2017.

Information about the CODEX Book Fair: the CODEX Foundation and CODEXNordica in 2019
CODEX is a four day book fair is held every two years in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA and is the largest book fair in the world for 'handmade book as a work of art'. Over 200 stands show work from over 20 countries, work of the highest quality hand-made and mainly handprinted books. In 2019 the fair will be held at the Craneway Pavilion, Richmond from 3rd to 6th February. CODEX Book Fair and Symposium is organised by the Codex Foundation.
With an invitation from the Codex Foundation to participate at the CODEX book fair and seminar in 2019, Codex Polaris are now in the process of organising a nordic focus called CodexNordica at this event. We are currently working with partners from the Nordic Countries to curate a selection the best of Nordic artists' books/bookarts to take to the audience in USA.


The Partners are:

Åse Eg Jørgensen, Pist Protta, Denmark
Tatjana Bergelt, Finland
Arkir ArtBook Group, Iceland
Codex Polaris, Norway
Carina Fihn and Lina Nordenström, Sweden

One Keynote and two artists speakers have been chosen from the Nordic Countries to present a selection of books and projects covering from this part of the world at the seminar which is held for two mornings during the book fair.
Events under the Codex Nordica program will also take place at the San Fransisco Center of the Book and the Book Club of California.
To start this project we invited the partners to meet during the Bergen Art Book Fair October 2017, to share ideas and possibilities, as well as presenting a 'taster' of contemporary Nordic books at the fair. This was supported by Nordick Kulturfond OPSTART.
Any questions regarding this project please contact
Organisers are Imi Maufe, Randi Strand and Rita Marhaug. With thanks to Nordisk Kulturfond, OCA and Bergen kommune for supporting Codex Nordica 2019.