This keepsake contains a quotation by Mark Dimunation, Chief of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress, from a paper delivered at the CODEX IV Symposium in 2013. To hear his full talk visit our website’s archive section. The keepsake and the type face (Hybrid Two, inspired by the weather-worn inscriptions on mile posts and memorials around Rome) were designed by Russell Maret and printed by Dina Pollack and Jonathan Gerken at Peter Koch, Printers.


"Artists are not journalists; the meaning they infuse in their work does not come with a set of directions. Artists' intentions are imbued in the physical details of the book. As discerning readers we need to look at the visual book for color, light, shadow, texture, sound, weight, structure, materials, pace scale, etc.; the devil and, in fact, the intention is in the details. In some cases, for many contemporary fine press and visual books, the compelling nature of the work is in the aesthetic experience—emotional, intuitive. But there is another aspect of the experience that I believe is important to explore. What I'm concerned about as a curator is the space between the act of creating and the act of reading. This is the delicate moment in which an artists' work is transmitted, released, comprehended. So much is invested in creating the book that it's well worth extending out efforts to assure the the artist's intentions are being read correctly. Reading is, in fact, a conversation." - Mark Dimunation, CODEX MMXIII