As detailed below, our new institutional membership offers special benefits and make the most of your contributions toward our continuing goals.

Your contribution will go directly towards developing CODEX publications, maintaining an affordable platform for book artists to display their work, and continuing to attract international keynote speakers and participants at the CODEX Symposium. By committing at an institutional level, your institution shows your commitment to the preservation and longevity of the physical book as an artifact.


Institutional membership levels:

Contributing, $1,000+

Sustaining, $2,500+

Benefactor, $5,000+

Patron, $7,500+

Angel, $10,000+


Annual benefits:

Complimentary CODEX Book Fair tickets

A subscription to The CODEX Papers : an annual of contemporary book arts

Benefactor level receives (1) symposium ticket

Patron level receives (2) symposium tickets

Angel level receives (4) symposium tickets