The 2015 Symposium took place at a new location in Berkeley - the Anna Head Alumnae Hall three blocks from the campus. The Hall is a newly renovated historical building and lent itself well to our presentations. It's larger size allowed us to host 300 people to the talks which generated the usual lively discussions and excitement among the Librarians, Special Collectors, and Exhibitors in attendance.

2015 Symposium
Held at the Anna Head Alumnae Hall, Berkeley, CA 


Keynote Speakers

Roberto Trujillo - Special Collections, Stanford University
Lecture: Collecting the Modern & Contemporary Book: The Challenge (MP3)

Alberto Manguel – Historian Novelist, Essayist
Lecture: The Universal Dream Library (MP3)


Presentations by Artists & Presses

Sam Winston - ARC - Book Artist, Sculptor, Artist
Modern Gods: Creating a ‘Walk-in Book’ for the Victoria & Albert Museum

Carolee Campbell - Ninja Press – Book Artist, Publisher, Photographer
Chasing the Ideal Book

Ken Botnick – Printer, Publication Designer, Professor of Art at Washington University, Saint Louis
Diderot Project: Tracing the Arc of Influence (MP3)

Ines von Ketelhodt – Book Artist, Photographer
Fabwecshel: One Project – Six Colors (MP3)


Special thanks to Mike Keller of Stanford University from the Codex Foundation (MP3)