The Symposium was held at the Berkeley Art Museum to a sold out crowd. Librarians, collectors and exhibitors alike sat shoulder to shoulder listening and viewing work from some of the best in our industry.

The 2013 Codex Symposium featured the following speakers and artists presentations:


Welcome to 2013 Symposium by Board Member, Duke Collier (MP3)

Keynote Speakers:

Introduction to Tim Barrett by Peter Koch (MP3)

Tim Barrett - MacArthur Fellow, Director of Paper Facilities, University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA
Papermaking at 100 sheets per hour - Challenges and Aesthetics (MP3)


Introduction to Mark Dimunation by Peter Koch (MP3

Mark Dimunation - Chief of Rare Books and Special Collections, Library of Congress, USA
Speaking for Themselves: From Intention to Meaning in Modern Artists Books (MP3)


Presentations by Artists & Presses:

Introduction to Sandro Berra by Susan Filter (MP3)

Sandro Berra - Director, Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione, Cornuda, Italy
Good Reasons to think with Metal Type (MP3)


Introduction to Alan Loney by Peter Koch (MP3)

Alan Loney - Electio Editions, Melbourne, Australia
The Book: Material Instrument (MP3)


Introduction to Russell Maret by Peter Koch (MP3

Russell Maret – Private Press Printer and Artist, New York, USA
Letter Forms as Content (MP3)


Introduction to Veronika Schaepers by Peter Koch (MP3

Veronika Schaepers – Book Artist, Karlsruhe, Germany
Stranger in a Strange Land: Projects of a German Book Artist Living in Japan, Tokyo/Berlin (MP3)