"We have our best existence within the element of Language.
And the book is a concentration of that element, a whole realization of our experience in the world of ideas, and as such, it is a thing of infinite possibility." - N. Scott Momaday



The Codex Foundation was conceived in 2005 by Peter Rutledge Koch, fine press printer, and Susan Filter, paper conservator. Its purpose was to create an environment for promoting the book as a work of art. They accomplished this by bringing together the Best of the Best book artists and fine press printers from around the world to share their work, explore new and old concepts, and to start an on-going conversation about the fate and future of the book as an essential art form.

The first CODEX Book Fair and Symposium took place over three days in February of 2007 in Berkeley, California, with 120 exhibitors showing their work at the Fair to approximately 750 visitors. Held biennially, the Book Fair has grown from three days to four, with over 200 exhibitors and almost 3000 visitors. It is ranked as one of the top three book fairs in the world. The Symposium, which features keynote speakers and book artists, is now the hottest ticket around for printers, artists, collectors and librarians and is sold out every year.

The Codex Foundation celebrated its twelfth year and sixth Book Fair and Symposium on February 5-8, 2017 at the Craneway Pavilion, on the waterfront in Richmond, California. The Book Fair featured more than 200 Exhibitors from 22 countries and hosted over 3000 visitors including Special Collections Librarians and Private Collectors from the world's best libraries.